It’s Time For Our next Adventure! Leaving Grenada as well as Upcoming travel plans

Over the past 9 years, our life together has been like a book, with us writing the chapters as we go. We like to believe of our travel journey in different sections. very first came the full-time backpacking stage, for 13 months around SE Asia as well as the Subcontinent, complied with by 16 months of checking out the middle East, Africa, the Subcontinent as well as Asia.

The next “chunk” of our lives was a year spent mentor English in China – an experience that allowed us to save sufficient money to backpack through Mongolia, Russia, central Asia as well as Iran for 5 months. This is likewise the time when we truly started working on our website to ensure that we might make sufficient money to continue to travel.

For the next 2 years, we changed it up as well as decided go to central America as well as the Caribbean – Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Cuba, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Saint Vincent as well as The Grenadines, as well as Grenada.

After that, we embarked on our most recent adventure, 5 months spent both living as well as travelling around Eastern as well as central Europe.

Each part of our book has been a life altering experience. We’ve grown together as well as have learned a great deal about the world, as well as what we want from our lives.

During the past 3 years, even though we were able to travel around numerous countries, almost half of each year was spent home sitting as well as pet sitting in Grenada – somewhere that we’ve dubbed our “home base“.

If you’ve been complying with us during those years, you’ll understand that we absolutely adore the island of Grenada as well as the 3 dogs that we take care of while we’re living here.

House as well as pet sitting came at the perfect time in our lives. We were starting out with our blogging careers as well as were rather strapped for money at that time. In exchange for free accommodation as well as a vehicle for our use, we were able to have a base to work from, which truly helped us to grow our business.

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We were able to experience living like a local, while having loving pets to care for. There are endless things to perform in Grenada as well as our time spent here has been eye-opening as well as extremely memorable. We wouldn’t modification a minute of it.

In just 10 days from now, we are stating goodbye to Grenada yet again. however this time, we won’t be returning next year.

We want to travel freely as well as widely, without any prolonged commitments, as well as space for as much spontaneity as we please.

Not only do we want to travel exactly how we select to, however we likewise want to be open as well as offered for any type of as well as all work associated opportunities. We missed out on a few press trips this year, with the biggest disappointment being the epic trip to Kyrgyzstan with a few of our favourite blogging colleagues.

As unfortunate as it is to state goodbye to what has been our primary house for a overall of 1.5 years, we’re extremely excited for our upcoming travels, as well as are looking ahead to seeing what the year brings!

It’s time for the next chapter of our book to be written.

We have yet to touch down on South American soil. But, this will all modification on November 10th, when we fly from Grenada to Medellín, Colombia! We’re travelling around this diverse country for about 6 weeks, visiting the mountainous coffee region, colonial cities, Caribbean beaches as well as towns, national Parks, ancient ruins as well as the funding city of Bogota.

From Colombia, we are making our method south to Argentina, a country that conjures up pictures of sultry dancing, exquisite dining, rugged adventures as well as robust wines. Christmas is a extremely hectic time of year in South America, so rather than fight the crowds, we have rented an apartment on Airbnb over Christmas as well as new Year’s Eve.

We’ll be in the city of Buenos Aires for one month as well as can’t wait to explore, drink, eat, dance, work as well as method our Spanish!

From Buenos Aires, we’re believing we’ll travel around Argentina for one more month taking in the incredible Iguazu Falls, Mendoza wine region, Patagonia’s mountains as well as glaciers, as well as the colonial city of Córdoba.

After that, we’ll most likely travel around Chile for 2 months as well as then who knows…?

One thing we do understand is that this will be a year of continent as well as country hopping, with apartment rentals intersmedzi backpackingom. Uistite sa, že sa zaregistrujte na náš newsletter, rovnako ako dodržiavajte nás na Facebooku, pretože budeme vysielať veľké ponuky online videí, obrázkov, ako aj článkov z našich nadchádzajúcich dobrodružstiev?

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