Danjugan Island, Negros Occidental: budget plan travel guide

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It seems like a tale directly from a fantasy film. A remote island far far away is brimming with beauty. The inhabitants, in an attempt to make a living, have started a little quarry to extract lime mineral from the ground as well as shed trees for charcoal. One day, a group of “outsiders,” who regular this island to diving dive, discover some locals on their method to the tallest tree on the island — a tree that has been house to a number of types of eagles as well as other birds. At a loss, the outsiders persuade the locals to spare the tree for a charge up until such a time that they have figured out exactly how to resolve the situation.

Well, perhaps not a extremely amazing fantasy film. Not even action-packed. No confrontation scene. No major chase sequence. No violence whatsoever. as well as no magic at all. just a burning wish to safeguard the island as well as a great deal of methods to make it happen. In reality, when the diving divers returned, they were prepared to purchase the island after getting funding from worldwide sources. Today, Danjugan is a poster island for marine as well as forest conservation.

One of the lagoons of Danjugan under sour weather
This vibrant history makes Danjugan Island unique. however its physical as well as environmental features are just as vibrant.

On our very first see here, we were lucky sufficient to be gone along with by Benj Casipe, Island manager as well as Marine Reserve Superintendent, who showed us numerous fascinating bits of info about this unique destination, including the tale above.

Benj Casipe, Island manager of Danjugan, providing us pre-briefing
Eco-friendly tourism

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About Danjugan Island
Danjugan Island discovering Center: environmental Facts
What to perform in Danjugan Island
Where to stay in Sipalay
Accommodations as well as Tours
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About Danjugan Island

Located 3km west of Negros Occidental, Danjugan Island is a hidden gem in Sulu Sea. One has to travel four to five hours by land from Bacolod to Bulata, Cauayan as well as then 15 minutes by boat to reach the island. The waves are strong as well as powerful however the sights on the method are great distractions. The island is handled by Philippine Reef as well as Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Inc (PPRCFI), who purchased it in 1994 from the hands of destruction.

Danjugan Island discovering Center: environmental Facts

Every traveler who sees the island needs to go to a short briefing. Here are some facts about Danjugan Island that we discovered from Benj.

Five lagoons. The island harbors five lagoons, three of which are land-locked; the other two are flooded during high tide. These lagoons are simple to check out as well as numerous types of corals as well as fish have discovered house in them.

Diverse Wildlife. Although well-known as a marine reserve, the island is likewise covered in thick (very, extremely thick) rainforest. You understand forests that seem to be impossible to get around in, that’s precisely like it. That said, the island boasts of 72 types of birds including sea eagles as well as the Tabon scrub fowls as well as 10 types of bats. You can likewise see a number of types of other animals like coconut crabs as well as snakes.

Diving Paradise. The island is surrounded by healthy coral reefs as well as sea grass. expect to see a broad range of marine lifeforms such as fish (including little sharks), turtles as well as huge clams. In fact, scientists have recorded 579 types of fish as well as 244 types of corals in the island. the very best part is that you don’t requirement to be a diving diver to see these valuable living gems. You can see numerous of them even when just snorkeling.

Solar-powered. There is no electrical power as well as running water in the island. Solar power is harnessed for lights as well as water was being provided from the mainland.

These are just a few of the interesting facts we discovered about the island in that short rundown session. however the very best part was experiencing these! We were able to see that Avatar-reminiscent tree that triggered the security of the whole island, check out the lagoons, as well as see the animals up close as well as personal. inspect out this publish to checked out much more about our experience at Danjugan Island: checking out Danjugan Island.

What to perform in Danjugan Island

Danjugan may be little however it is brimming with natural charm as well as wonders. Its dense forests as well as beautiful beaches offer a amazing time with nature! right here are a few of the locations you shouldn’t miss during your visit.

Visit Typhoon Camp. The solar-powered mini-village is composed of mud houses. The guide can even show you exactly how to develop one utilizing materials offered in the island. A short boat trip as well as an simple trip is needed to get right here however the view is worth it.

Snorkel! have you seen huge clams? You’ll discover a great number of them right here among other dynamic lifeforms! You’ll see all kind of starfish, fish, shellfish, corals, as well as even sea snakes!

Watch black suggestion sharks. They are commonly found in the lagoon near the academic center. If you’ve never seen sharks in the wild before, you will certainly delight in this.

Turtle Beach. named after the marine turtles that utilize this beach as their nesting grounds, the sand right here is soft as well as beige. The caws of sea gulls are likewise loudly heard provided the family member silence of the place.

Kayak. The calmness of the flooded lagoons are ideal for simple kayaking rounds! If you’re lucky, you’ll area institutions of fish jumping as well as swimming together with your banana vessel.

Danjugan Island likewise holds marine as well as wildlife camps, suitable for kids as well as households who desire to have a much better appreciation of nature in the business of nature’s cutest as well as many vibrant creatures.

Where to stay in Sipalay

Check Sipalay rates Here

Accommodations as well as Tours

Danjugan administration provides two kinds of trips — day trips as well as overnight stays. I took a day trip for P1500 however their rates have altered because then. right here are the rates as well as inclusions as of March 2012.

PhP 1,750. Vrátane:

Lunch as well as snacks

Boat transfers

Snorkeling as well as trekking guide

Kayak utilize (if available)

Conservation fee

PhP 2,750. Vrátane:

3 meals as well as snacks a day

Accommodations (Basic amenities only)

Boat transfers

Boat tour

Snorkeling as well as trekking guide

Kayak utilize (if available)

Conservation fee

Children as much as 12 years old only requirement to pay half the price. kids below 4 do not requirement to pay anything.

Rates may have altered so please get in touch with them very first before going there.

Check out this publish to checked out much more about our experience at Danjugan Island: checking out Danjugan Island.

Danjugan Island
Philippine Reef as well as Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Inc. (PRRCI)
Room MK14a, Art District, Lopue’s Mandalagan
Bacolod City 6100, Philippines
Email Address: prrcfi@yahoo.com.ph
Contact Number: +63 34 4416010

How to get there: From Bacolod, take the Ceres Bus to Hinoba-an as well as get off at Brgy. Cartagena in Cauayan (just before you go into Sipalay City). Take a habal-habal to Bulata. If you have booked beforehand, a boat ought to be waiting on you there to take you to Danjuagan Island. (Since we stayed at Punta Bulata, their personnel just organized whatever for us.)

For much more comprehensive directions on exactly how to get to Punta Bulata, inspect out this post.

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