6 extraordinary beaches around the world

When someone mentions the beach, we immediately think of a long stretch of white sand, sandwiched by a lane of coconut trees and turquoise waters. but if there’s one thing that traveling has taught us, it’s that this world is a trove of incredibly, amazingly diverse treasures. even beaches come in different forms, shapes, and colors. Some are strewn with powdery sand, others freckled with curious rock formations. Here’s a list of 6 beaches that best represent the different types of seaside wonders.

Čo je v tomto sprievodcovi pokryté?

Matira Beach, Bora Bora
Bowling balls Beach, California
Chandipur Beach, India
Perissa Beach, Santorini, Greece
Pink Beach, Zamboanga City, Philippines
Giant’s Causeway, northern Ireland
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Matira Beach, Bora Bora

We begin with what lots of consider the poster beach of all tropical destinations – Matira. This fantastic piece of heaven is located in the French Polynesian Bora Bora Island. This is your normal white beach paradise, which has become a permanent citizen of lists of the best beaches in the world.

Matira beach in Bora Bora
Matira undoubtedly is breathtaking. With perfectly white sand, amazingly warm water, and the chances to scuba dive or snorkel to explore stunning underwater, your trip to this beach will definitely be unforgettable. While lots of think that traveling here is expensive, there is actually plenty of cheap Bora Bora hotels that you can book online.

Bowling balls Beach, California

Bowling balls beach in California
Stones and pebbles are probably not really your idea of what make up a good beach. but if you find yourself in this Californian beach, you’ll be surprised by round, perfectly shaped stones that look as though they were deliberately placed by professional bowling player. stones are best seen at low tide. They are neatly polished and neatly set up on the coast – as if someone specifically put them there.

Chandipur Beach, India

Chandipur beach in India
Facing the Bay of Bengal, Chandipur beach is located in Odisha (Orissa), India. At first glance, this looks very ordinary. but twice a day, it gets interesting. Chandipur beach is like playing hide-and-seek with the sea. At low tide, the water moves away from the coast for about 5 km. At that point, you can take pleasure in a walk on the beach and see a variety of sea creatures, corals, shells and red crabs, without worries of getting soaked. We guarantee that pictures taken in this place will be breathtaking too!

Perissa Beach, Santorini, Greece

Perissa beach in Santorini, Greece
Perissa coastline is better known as the black beach due to millions of small black stones found in there. To be fair, swimming at this beach is dangerous, it is slippery due to large polished stone bars in the bottom. but here you can see the other side of the popular Santorini, a a lot more authentic and a lot more interesting. The long black beach extends along the entire coast of the island, so there is enough space for all travelers. Do not forget to take your flip flops here as well – black sand gets incredibly hot during the hot day, and you can burn your foot!

Pink Beach, Zamboanga City, Philippines

Pink beach in Zamboanga, Philippines. photo by Marcos Caratao.
The Philippines is made up of 7107 islands, and so it’s expected that it harbors a gazillion beaches: white sand, cream sand, black sand. They even have beaches littered with not sand but volcanic ash. but it still has a lot of surprises, like PINK BEACHES! The Pink beach in Zamboanga City is just one of a handful of pastel-colored beaches in the country. part of Sta. Cruz Grande Island (Great Sta. Cruz Island) in Zamboanga City, its shore is covered in pulverized red organ-pipe corals (Tubipora musica) that, when mixed with white sand, create a pink hue.

Giant’s Causeway, northern Ireland

Giants Causeway in northern Ireland
Giant’s Causeway is northern Ireland’s coast was formed as part of the largest lava plateau in Europe. This geological formation took shape about 60 million years ago when the North American and Eurasian continents were starting to break apart. It is undoubtedly one of the most amazing beaches in the world. here you might not want to dress down and lie to get a tan, but just to just sit swiftly and take pleasure in the masterpiece of nature: perfectly shaped hexagonal columns, masterfully carved by nature.

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