SUMAGUING CAVE: Spelunking for beginners in Sagada, Philippines

The worry in my head started to grow bigger as we moved deeper into Sumaguing Cave. It wasn’t because it was challenging to climb down — it is, actually — but because it was beginning to dawn on me how tremendously tougher it would be to climb back up. You see, the way out of this cave if you’re doing the standard Sumaguing Cave Spelunking trip is the same as the entry point. It didn’t help that as our trail became steeper and steeper as we went along, it also got much more slippery. but it was the most fun I had had in a long while!

There are over 60 caves discovered underneath the town of Sagada. Of all of these underworlds, Sumaguing Cave has the most significant chamber, earning its nickname “The big Cave.” inside are countless rock formations slowly shaped by nature over thousands of years. These rock formations mimicking familiar shapes are the highlight of this spelunking adventure. some of these formations include the bear, elephants, turtle head, and chocolate cake. It is possibly these shapes (and the overall experience) that tourists keep coming back to Sagada for. Sumaguing Cave is probably the most popular of all traveler attractions in town.

There is a man-made staircase from the roadside that leads into the mouth of Sumaguing Cave. It was very easy to walk down these steps. (But again, the going down is not really the most tiring part of the trek.) The stairs slowly transform into rocks as you walk farther. The much more you look ahead and look down, the much more it becomes clear how challenging an experience it will be especially to first-time spelunkers.

The trail is divided into three stages.

Stage 1 is what I typically call “The Descent” because this is the part where your only goal is to reach the bottom of that steep, bat-poop covered cliff. 

Stage 2 is the easy and pleased part. You’ll get to see many rock formations here. (This is the part where they will ask you to remove your shoes or slippers.)

Stage 3 is what the guides call The Tunnel. Time to get wet! This is where you’ll squeeze yourself into narrow openings and soak in cold water, and be guided by ropes as you traverse the cave.

Čo je v tomto sprievodcovi pokryté?

Sumaguing Cave Spelunking trip Tips
Sumaguing Cave trip Rates
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Sumaguing Cave Spelunking trip Tips

I won’t tell you the way around the cave because I can’t. That’s the role of the guides who will be with you whatsoever times inside the cave. Besides, I barely remember anything. All that lingers now is how immensely I delighted in being inside the cave and how I want to do it again and again. (A year after I first did this, I returned to Sagada and joined this trip again.)

But let me share with you some suggestions that I hope would be helpful ought to you go on this adventure, too!

Wear a durable pair of sandals with a good grip. While shoes make ideal sense in numerous trekking tours, a pair of sandals with straps around the ankles and feet will work best (I think). You will be asked to leave your footwear when you reach the rock formations because from this point forward. If it’s alright with you to wet your shoes and have them covered in mud, opt for it. Although numerous visitors who wear flip-flops scratch-free, I do not recommend this to everyone because it tends to slide all over especially on wet areas of the cave. There are slippery parts so make sure your footwear has good grip.

Bring a flashlight. get the type that you can strap around your head. Your guide will bring a powerful lamp (sounds magical, huh?) but it pays to have a light source that you can control so you can see much more and focus on a particular rock formation longer.

Wear light clothes. You will get wet and dirty. There are pools (and they are really cold) inside and you will have to dip in them in the course of the tour. There are shower rooms at the store near the entrance to the cave. ought to you wish to take a shower, you may use them for a minimal fee.

Bring a waterproof camera. You can still use an ordinary video camera and let one of the guides hold it for you, though. They really have this balance-thing going in about them that they seem to not slide or fall or whatever. but to be on the safe side, just bring a water-proof camera.

Implement a buddy system especially if you’re a big group. The guides always check if the group is complete. You can make it simpler for them if you do a buddy system.

Listen to your trip guide. They go in, around, and out of this cave much more often than you can imagine and they know what they’re talking about. počúvaj ich. It’s for your own safety and pleasure.

I’ll think of much more suggestions and add to this list. In the imply time, here are some photos from our trip.

Stage 1: The Descent!
Bear rock formation. See the bear?
Hold that rope, Ces!
KonečnéLy, opäť slnečné svetlo!

Sumaguing Cave Trip Mest

Toto sú sadzby od apríla 2019.

1-4 PAX = P800 (1 sprievodca)

5 PAX = P900 (1 sprievodca)

6-9 PAX = P1600 (2 vodiace)

10 PAX = P1800 (2 vodiace)

11-12 PAX = P2400 (3 sprievodcov)

13 pax alebo oveľa viac = P200 na osobu

Poplatok za obojsmerné prepravu (voliteľné): P350

Všimnite si, že ide o skupinové sadzby. To znamená, že náklady rozdelíte podľa toho, aký početný ste v skupine.

Celé dobrodružstvo Spelunking trvá 3-4 hodiny. Pri čítaní tohto príspevku to pravdepodobne znie strašidelne. Pravdepodobne to bude vyzerať strašidelne, keď sa chystáte na ústa jaskyne, aby ste začali spustiť. Je to však relatívne ľahké a bezpečné. Je to niečo, na čo si budete pamätať aj roky po tom, čo ste to urobili a pokladnime navždy. (Prisahám.) Je to tiež niečo, čo som si celkom istý, že budete naozaj, naozaj šťastní. A predtým, ako zabudneme, je to zábava.

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